Performance Management

Performance Management Module

Bringing together data that is stored across different modules and database tables into a live feed of graphical representation aiming towards transparency in terms of

The module centers on these key functions:

  • Service Delivery Performance Dashboards
  • Critical Assets Life Cycle Management Dashboards
  • Manpower Utilization Dashboards
  • Energy Management Dashboards
  • Inventory Consumption Dashboards
  • Operational Key Performance Indicators Compliance Dashboards
  • Customer Satisfaction Dashboards

The performance management portal provides KPI’s for business operations, manages all devices and users in the FMPro Platform eco system as well as generates needed reports with the ability of being extended to 3rd party systems. FM Managers and administrators will take advantage of this powerful application to configure the system and monitor the operations in real-time.

Operational reports are generated automatically from our system. Work Order management is conducted through FMPro monthly reporting, task allocation, auditing, response time and job completion are through the same tool where EFS will deploy an FM Coordinator to handle these on a daily basis.

All information can be updated in real-time, monthly, weekly or as required. Below is a sample of a dashboard report that we had developed for some of our Clients and is used as a quick visual reference through color codes such as green for meeting expectations, blue for nearing threshold and red for not meeting specifications.

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