Contract Management

Contract Management

The contract management module consolidates the management of all service contracts, allowing the FM managers to monitor service delivery levels in real-time, to improve performance, optimize service quality and increase cost efficiency.

The module centers on these key functions:

  • Ability to store, track and search for contracts based on specific criteria
  • Ability to understand and report on information contained within or implicated by the contract

Module Key Features

  • Central and searchable repository for contracts
  • Visual KPI and process board for key suppliers
  • All key suppliers and major contracts have a contract management plan
  • Defined accountability and responsibility for contract performance
  • Governance and relationship process
  • Risk management process for contracts
  • Compliance to contract report as part of the contract management process

Module Functionality

The main aim of the contract management module is to ensure that goods or services are delivered on time, at the agreed cost and to the specified requirements. The module provided the following business requirements:

  • Managing service delivery: ensures that a contract is being delivered as agreed, to the required levels of performance and quality
  • Managing relationships: keeps the relationship between the two parties open and constructive, aiming to resolve problems early and focus on continual improvement
  • Managing contract management: provides governance, performance management and accountability through tracking and recording delivery
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