FMPro CAFM System

Complaint Management Module

The complaint management module of FMPro CAFM system ensures thorough root cause investigation and effective corrective actions are completed, 

This in turn, helps in preventing recurrence of the issue and an overall reduction in further customer complaints. 

Thus, FMPro’s complaint management module builds customer loyalty for your business, identifies gaps in the provided services, increases efficiency and prevents mistakes from reoccurring.    


  • Complainant Profile Management   
  • Location Management & Synchronization   
  • Complaint Analysis, Reporting and Live dashboard.   


  • Users can lodge any complaint either by mobile apps or web.   
  • Users shall have to provide all information for first time complaint or service request.   
  • Users need not provide all information for each request.   
  • Faster and easier interface for processing complaint or service request.   
  • There shall have a stock inflow and outflow management system.   
  • SMS and email notification system.   
  • Advance Search options.   
  • Log management system
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