Workforce & Resource Management

Workforce & Resource Management module is a unique tool designed as a solution to aid the efficient management of human resources for live Reactive Maintenance and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) jobs.  

The workforce management module enables users to quickly filter and adjust the interface to display a series of live tasks. 

Options are then provided to select and view available worker schedules, enabling you to easily re-allocate and adjust resources to meet the demands of your operations or clients.   


  • Perfect Tool to Easily Manage Tasks and Resources   
  • Filters Available to Locate Maintenance Tasks   
  • Easily Understand and Identify Staff Workloads   
  • Reallocate or Move Maintenance Jobs with Ease   
  • Logically Laid Out Interface Design   
  • Color Coded for Easy Maintenance Task Type Identification   
  • Fast and Accurate Data Review   
  • Automatically Updates Maintenance SLA Details   
  • Restrictions Imposed to Support True Data Accuracy   


  • Allocation of multiple disciplines to resources.   
  • Configurable planner, by start of working week, hours per day, etc.   
  • Configurable diary entry colors for sickness, breakdowns, PPM’s, etc.   
  • Estimated travel times displayed as separate entities, but still connected to the diary entries.   
  • Standard cancellation reasons for work orders, to promote data consistency.   
  • Contract statutory holidays, for accurate engineer availability.   
  • Mouse-over information, including site name and building code, against diary entries.   
  • Skills Expiry Report, detailing expiring skills against resources.  
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