FMPro CAFM System

Energy Management

The energy management module of FMPro CAFM System provides a comprehensive suite of services to buildings, to meet the growing demand for operational productivity and smarter energy solutions.   

In a move towards a reliable, affordable and carbon-free energy network, FMPro helps high energy consumers and grid operators to achieve a reliable, cost-efficient energy mix through smart energy management solutions 


  • Meter Data Management   
  • Predictive Health Monitoring   
  • Consumption Trend Analysis   
  • Prescriptive Analytics   
  • Resource wise consumption trends   


  • Alerts on consumption beyond pre-set limits, excess utilization   
  • Bar / Trend / Pie charts for easy data analysis   
  • Detailed bill with consumption split-up, consumption and sustainability trend for comparison   
  • Comparison of various consumption data on water consumption, solar power generation, air quality levels, occupancy levels etc.   
  • Concise and credible details on carbon footprint for Enterprise Carbon Accounting   
  • Green building certification related reports and monetary savings reports   
  • Records history for increase or decrease in consumption for future analysis and understand the consumption pattern.
  • Integration with IoT based sensors / devices to display the air quality – VOC, CO2, PM 10 etc.   
  • Integration with building automation and control systems (BMS / BAS)   
  • Custom integration with meters / devices that support popular protocols (BACnet, Modbus etc.)  
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