CMMS System for Education Facilities

With FMPro, education facilities can easily set up and monitor their facilities maintenance schedule while ensuring the health and safety of their staff and students.

More than 70% of educational institutions in the US have adopted a CMMS system for facility management at their colleges and universities.

Schools and universities, using a CMMS system, report around 25% savings on the costs of labor.

Ultimately, a CMMS system helps educational institutions reduce costs and improve the overall quality of their facilities. 


How FMPro Helps School Maintenance Management Teams

FMPro CMMS is a powerful tool that can help school maintenance management teams to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of maintenance operations in education facilities.

Our CMMS system is becoming increasingly popular in education facilities, and with good reason. Around 60% of education institutions have reported that their overall maintenance operation has become more effective.

FMPro CMMS can provide a range of tools and benefits to educational facilities:

  • Customize FMPro to the unique requirements of your institution’s environment. It helps reduce cost and increase efficiency.
  • Automating the maintenance process enables you to streamline operations, save time and money, and reduce data redundancy and paperwork.
  • FMPro grants access to real-time data and analytics on the performance of the maintenance staff. This feature assists education facility managers in tracking the performance of their maintenance staff.
  • FMPro enables education facility managers to easily streamline and schedule maintenance tasks, ensuring their timely completion.
  • FMPro CMMS system can also help automate compliance activities such as health and safety checks, fire risk assessments, and building inspections. Thus, ensuring the education facility meets the relevant regulations and standards as per the law.
  • The FMPro system empowers education facility managers to generate user-friendly custom reports. This significantly enhances the overall reporting process.
  • With our CMMS system, you can centralize all this information into one database and make it accessible from anywhere on campus (or even off-campus) via mobile devices or the internet.
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