Vendor Management 

A special vendor portal within FMPro called the SupplierPro handles Vendor Management in the FMPro CMMS System.

Small businesses, medium-scale enterprises or large corporations and industries can easily implement and use SupplierPro portal. Now, you can rest assured that you are obtaining the best prices and quality available.

It totally eliminates the concerns about potential financial losses on any order, as the portal ensures optimal procurement outcomes for your business.

SupplierPro provides everything you need in order to run your business smoothly, while also providing an easy way for customers who are looking for a new supplier or need assistance in finding one for themselves.  

SupplierPro is a complete vendor management portal that ensures governance, system integration and product/service delivery through:  

  • 360-degree view of supplier information and activity  

A 360-degree view into all the supplier activities across source-to-pay and ensure all processes are informed with accurate supplier, risk and performance data.

  • Vendor and operational risk assessment and action  

Retrieve information from stakeholders and suppliers, measure transactional and contractual activity and incorporate 3rd party data to get an accurate risk assessment.  

  • Single source of truth for supplier data  

Maintaining a clean, accurate supplier master data across the board.  

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