Report Management

In FMPro, we can customize and develop the report management templates according to the customer’s specifications, ensuring alignment with their requirements.

This flexibility allows for tailored reporting based on the system provided by the employer, enhancing the overall user experience.

Moreover, the generated reports can be further modified to suit the convenience of the employer.

The flexibility extends to setting up report parameters to display activities carried out on a shift-wise and full day-wise basis, accommodating round-the-clock operations (24/7).

This enables comprehensive monitoring and analysis of activities based on specific time frames.

Once the services are automated as detailed above, Real Time Reports can be generated automatically at a predefined time. 

And then, we can set up the mechanism to directly deposit the reports in the employer’s representative email address.

Planned Services Report

The planned services report provides a comprehensive overview of planned services performed within a specified period (daily, weekly, and monthly).

The report includes the following parameters for analysis and evaluation:

  • Service Carried out Date & Time  
  • Service Due by Date  
  • Service Completed Date  
  • Service LOC (Level of Completion)  
  • Service Frequency   
  • Service SLA Compliance (Pass/Fail)
  • Approved List and Quantity of consumables issued location wise throughout a specified period of time.
  • Machinery distribution list location wise/activity wise.
  • Analytical Graphs showing Service Compliance to Master PPM Plan 
  • Service Building   
  • Service Location  
  • Service Description    
  • Service Category  

Reactive Service Report

The Reactive service report presents a detailed overview of reactive services logged by call center agents during a specified period (daily, weekly, and monthly).

The report incorporates the following parameters for comprehensive analysis and assessment:

  • Date & time call is received (reported date & time)  
  • Date & time call is logged in the system  
  • Date and time call is due by  
  • Call completion date & time  
  • Call LOC (Level of Completion)  
  • Call Priority  
  • Reporter  
  • Type of Call (Request/Complaint)  
  • Method of Receiving (Phone/Email)  
  • Call Category  
  • Call Short Description  
  • System Generated Call Reference Number
  • Analytical Graphs showing the above Statistics on a Monthly Basis.  
  • Call SLA Compliance Response & Resolution (Pass/Fail)  
  • Machines, Consumables used to complete service requests.

Activities Report

A weekly and monthly executive report will be generated, highlighting each service activity and major activities undertaken.

The report will encompass the following parameters for a comprehensive overview:

  • Major Planned activities carried out  
  • Before & After Pictures of Activities carried out  
  • Average Manpower utilized location wise, service wise
  • Analytical Graphs showing the above Statistics on a Monthly Basis. 
  • Call SLA Compliance Response & Resolution (Pass/Fail)  
  • Machines, Consumables used to complete service requests.
  • Consumables & machinery utilized  
  • Selling price generated from utilized manpower, machinery, consumables.  

Service Report

At the client’s convenience, the system can generate a high-level monthly executive summary report or a statistics-only report.

These service reports will provide a concise overview of key metrics and statistics, incorporating the following parameters:

  • Average Manpower Summery & average man-hours worked.
  • Totals of consumables, materials, tools & equipment.   
  • Document tracker summery (submissions, approvals, NCNs …etc.).  
  • Staff Training statistics & evaluation summary with recommendations and actions.  
  • Quality assurance analysis report and statistics.  
  • Health & safety statistics report & incidents/ accidents / near miss summary.  
  • Hazardous Activities summary report.

Annual Report

By utilizing the parameters specified in the service monthly report, a summarized annual report will be developed.

This report will showcase service trends over the course of the year, offering a consolidated and insightful analysis of service performance.

In addition, the summarized annual report will highlight service achievements and include analytical graphs depicting trends in LOC (Level of Compliance) and SLA (Service Level Agreement) compliance.

It will also showcase trends in consumables consumption and provide insights into manpower utilization throughout the year.

This comprehensive report offers a holistic view of various aspects of service performance and resource management.

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