Space Management

The space management module add-on allows you to efficiently track and manage department or cost center or project wise space allocation and seat assignment.

Space management module helps in implementing hot-desking or on-demand seat booking of shared workspaces in this increased work-from-home era.  

Usage of floor plans for visual representation in planning, assignment and booking, integration with IoT seat sensors for real-time occupancy data, 

It provides the feature of QR codes for users to scan and book seats, kiosk and mobile based space booking. 

The advanced trend analysis dashboards for space occupancy makes space management module very user-friendly.

The seamless shared spaces implementation and improved space automation helps organizations to save huge infrastructure costs. 


  • Allows the making of informed space management decisions with real-time reports, customized to the end user needs.   
  • Enables leveraging the power of scenarios and plan complex moves ahead in detail.   
  • Maintain the quality of the facility’s seating data with editable management reports.   
  • Providing Insight into space cost, usage and capital programs.   
  • Fostering accountability through a complete space data record.   
  • Promoting transparency via instant reporting and access to data.    
  • Spurring optimization and generating profit through efficient data usage.    
  • Plan, allocate and release space to individual employees, departments or projects.   


  • Space assignment and allocation based on departments or Cost Centers or Projects.   
  • Cross utilization billing between departments or Cost Centers or Projects   
  • Configurable space allocation that is specific to defined timeslots and shifts.   
  • Visual occupancy dashboards for space utilization analysis and optimization.   
  • Scheduling of cleaning/housekeeping activity against each booking for improved hygiene.   
  • Instant booking by simply scanning the QR code displayed at any shared workspace.   
  • Auto assign workspace based on clock-in by user with access control system / time and attendance system integration and also record check-out using the same.   
  • Automatic space allocation by in a hot-desking environment. The system can intelligently fill spaces area wise or floor wise based on the duration or timing in a more optimal way. This helps in switching on/off lighting, HVAC etc. as and when required automatically which results in significant energy savings and also equipment maintenance and replacement costs.   
  • My QR Code: Dynamic, color coded QR codes displayed on user’s mobile app for validation by security at the entry gates to allow only users with valid space booking.   
  • Managing of attached facilities while booking each space. Ex: Book a space with an IP phone or additional chair or standing desk provision.   
  • Occupancy analysis reports for space planners to optimize the available space across multiple sites.  
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