CMMS for Media and Entertainment Industry

In the media and entertainment industry, tangible assets play a crucial role. They are utilized for recording, editing, mixing, and storing purposes. 

Heavy equipment and studios are in constant use and frequently rented out.

Our asset management software, FMPro CMMS, enables you to efficiently track all your rented and in-use media and entertainment assets.

At the same time, it provides a centralized database for storing contracts, warranties, and payments, ensuring easy access and management.

How FMPro caters to the Show Biz world?

During production, producers and directors must effectively manage their assets to ensure a seamless and problem-free shoot. 

Such systematic management approach helps prevent issues and delays that could result in increased production costs, such as equipment malfunctions or lost scenes.

Without an extensive asset management system in place, this can prove difficult for producers as they continuously switch between multiple projects efficiently.

The benefits of CMMS in motion picture industry include:

  • Budget management

The FMPro system aids in assessing the profitability of each project by considering the project’s budget and sales estimates.

Suchlike functionality helps stakeholders make informed decisions regarding the financial viability of a project.

Further, the FMPro system simplifies the task of tracking the revenue generated by each project.

You can closely monitor the financial performance of projects, facilitating the identification of areas that may require improvement.

By tracking project revenue, FMPro enables stakeholders to make data-driven decisions to optimize project outcomes.

  • Expenses and revenue

The entertainment industry is a complicated, interwoven industry, with many moving parts of one production dealing in many different types of production businesses.

With the implementation of FMPro CMMS system, you can streamline and simplify all production activities associated with each project in a production house.

Our system allows for real-time synchronization of data, and offers customizable automated procedures and modules.

Thus, enabling efficient management of various aspects of production, enhancing productivity and ensuring smooth operations.

FMPro CMMS system is designed while keeping in mind to streamline operations, reduce costs and improve overall productivity.

  • Reports on all activities

By utilizing FMPro CMMS systems, producers, directors, investors, and other stakeholders in the entertainment industry can access a vast amount of information pertaining to each production project on their roster. 

Such wealth of data enables them to make well-informed decisions regarding asset management. 

With FMPro, stakeholders can optimize their asset utilization and enhance overall project management efficiency.

Technological upgrades are also scheduled and recorded, keeping all the production activities and assets in check.

  • Review inventory

When a film or television show is produced, there are many different elements that need to be taken into account before production can begin.

FMPro CMMS system is becoming an integral part of the entertainment industry because it helps producers and directors keep tabs on all the assets that they have on hand.

  • Increase efficiency of the department

FMPro empowers individuals in the entertainment industry, including producers, directors, and actors, to make informed decisions regarding asset management. 

As a case in efficiently managing aspects like hiring additional production staff members such as spot boys or assistants, as well as ordering necessary supplies for production. 

By employing FMPro, professionals can enhance their decision-making process and streamline asset-related operations.

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