Performance Management

Within the FMPro Platform ecosystem, the performance management portal offers key performance indicators (KPIs) for business operations.

Furthermore, it efficiently manages all devices and users, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance across the platform.

On top of that, it generates the needed reports and can be extended to 3rd party systems.

FM managers and administrators actively utilize our powerful performance management portal. They configure the system and monitor operations in real-time, taking full advantage of its capabilities.

This portal allows them to make timely adjustments and take informed decisions based on real-time data.

Our FMPro system automatically generates the operational reports whereas our portal conducts the Work Order management through FMPro monthly reporting. 

The same tool is used for task allocation, auditing, response time tracking, and job completion. Moreover, EFS deploys an FM Coordinator who handles these tasks on a daily basis.

This ensures seamless management and efficient coordination within the system. Performance management portal allows you to update all information in real-time. It can be monthly, weekly, or as required by the user.

The performance management portal consolidates data from various modules and database tables into a live graphical feed.

This fosters transparency by providing a visual representation of the information, ensuring easy access and a comprehensive overview in terms of:  

  • Service Delivery Performance Dashboards  
  • Critical Assets Life Cycle Management Dashboards  
  • Manpower Utilization Dashboards  
  • Energy Management Dashboards  
  • Inventory Consumption Dashboards  
  • Operational Key Performance Indicators Compliance Dashboards  
  • Customer Satisfaction Dashboards  
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