Inventory Storage Management

The Inventory storage management module allows the efficient management of all stock items, avoiding potential issues caused by over/under stocking, insufficient storage space or to identify potential redundant items which are consuming vital racking space. 

A controlled repository system ensures you have the correct amount of stock, when you need it, aiding efficiency and cash flow.

Inventory control can apply to every item you, whether a product, service or a material. 

It is essential to track the lifecycle of each item, from an initial requirement to replenish stock, through ordering and goods receipt, to the final dispatch of the goods. 

FMPro will facilitate the tracking of items through each stage of this process, through single or multiple stores’ location.   


  • Extendable across mobile interface.
  • Real-time, detailed visibility into key inventory control and supply chain management measures, including inventory trends, stock on order and supplier on-time performance.   
  • Complete Procure-to-Pay Purchasing.   
  • Barcode scanning: Easily identify and track your products; inventory management software integrates with barcode scanners for instant product identification and labelling.   
  • Maintain just the right amount of inventory for each product, without over- or under-stocking any item. It’s especially useful if you deal in products that experience a seasonal rise and fall in demand.   
  • Receive alerts and notifications when there’s over- or under-stocking beyond a defined threshold. This helps you to place orders or offer promotional discounts to clear out extra stock.   


  • Intelligent stock item grouping & search facilities.   
  • Assign suppliers & scheduled pricing.
  • Analyze stock levels & value by location.   
  • Accurate overview of items.
  • Review goods in & out usage.
  • Generate, print, email and export reports.
  • Automatically raise orders to replenish stock.   
  • Integration with maintenance modules.
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