FMPro CAFM System

Fleet-Vehicle Maintenance Module

FMPro Fleet-vehicle maintenance module is an add-on application that can provide 360-degree monitoring features including engine run time, ignition on/off, speed data and even the rate of rapid acceleration and hard braking of a specific vehicle.   

All of this gives users insight into the progress of a specific journey, as well as hard data regarding the habits and behavior of individual fleet drivers.  


  • Real time monitoring of speed, routs and location tracking.   
  • Monitoring of parking or stopping points and routes history.  
  • Comfortable interface for tracking with smartphones or PC.   
  • SMS or e-mail alerts when the vehicles leave a certain area, exceeds permitted speed or other alerts, based on parameters you set in advance.
  • Idle times of vehicles, control of bad habits of drivers.
  • Monitoring of petrol parameters and fuel consumption. 
  • Monitoring of accelerator pedal position.   


Fleet Inventory Tracking   

Organize fleet-vehicle assets and track all the data you need to effectively manage your fleet and vehicles. Enter an UNLIMITED number of assets ranging from cars, trucks and trailers to heavy construction equipment, machinery, tools and more.   

Repair Maintenance   

Keep on top of unexpected repairs by logging and tracking repair requests from start to finish. Monitoring the frequency and cost of repairs can also help you decide whether to keep or retire a fleet asset.   

History Recording   

A detailed history of fleet-vehicle maintenance performed is automatically logged so you can analyze costs. Monitor trends in wear, neglect, and abuse. A thorough maintenance history helps you make effective decisions   

Online Tracking    

Secure your fleet and vehicles, monitor and visualize the exact location of your vehicle on different types of maps from your smartphone any time and any place.  

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