Mobility Solutions

The mobile application is one such mobility solutions of FMPro that complements FMPro cloud CAFM system. It enables the manager to locate and control the activities involved in the site. 

The field workers complete work orders and report activities involved in the field via the mobile portal, including any need for attention from the manager and the engineers. 

It is possible to record, plan, and execute activities using a mobile app that shows relevant information of the project, including service actions and inspections, carried out on the ground. 

As a result, the staffs involved in fieldwork can effectively communicate with the management for efficiency and guidance purpose. 

Such an arrangement allows the reduction of movement and cost involved in managing facilities.


Portable CAFM systems

Portable CAFM systems make up the core of all mobility system solutions for the business facilities provided by FMPro.

Such systems provide a range of features and functions that enhance facility management effectiveness.

These include tracking asset locations, scheduling maintenance tasks, and generating reports. 

They can also be used to quickly access real-time data and help facility managers and operators to make decisions on the go.

FMPro proposes the following hardware options, for the implementation of its mobility solutions: 


Supervisory Level PDA:

Worker Level Wearable Technology:

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