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Facility Maintenance Management Software

The EFS Internal Software Development team constantly enhances and upgrades FMPro maintenance management software to meet the changing business and industry needs. FMPro has built its reputation as an enterprise facility management software among multiple private and public sector.

This makes FMPro a popular choice among companies for its simplicity, and robustness as a facility asset management software. The industry trusts FMPro for its flexibility and ease of use, as it earned the position of the trusted solution to maintenance and management challenges.

Most traditional operation and maintenance software are operated from multiple technology platforms, whereas FMPro is based on a single platform and database repository. Our operation and maintenance system has garnered widespread support from various stakeholders. Facility management directors, site technicians, property owners, tenants, contractors, and suppliers all are on-board FMPro.


FMPro Software System

Managing more than 900,000 SQ M
For 300+ clients
21% reduction in cost
38% reduction in paper consumption
20% increase in workforce productivity

The FMPro system comes powered with a Smart Workflow Engine that simplifies online approvals. You can achieve all the approvals related to the operational activities and business processes with advanced flow. 

Powered with various executive dashboards, FMPro provides access to valuable business in-sights in real-time. You can slice the data and generate reports with a single click of a button.


We have combined the strengths of CAFM, CMMS, EAM and IWMS into a unified software suite solution.  This organic blend offers a fully functional, web-based platform that supports comprehensive maintenance and asset life cycle management activities.

With FMPro, you can leverage its robust features to streamline maintenance processes and effectively manage assets throughout their life cycle. The FMPro software suite customizes all the core integrated workplace management processes like asset management, work order management, energy management, etc

Such fusion allows it to meet the dynamic requirements of facilities management departments, offering an intact CAFM software solution. Our CAFM software suite supports those responsible for smart facility management by providing them with the tools required, from homes and office blocks to hospitals and educational facilities.  

Each module is designed and customized to suit the day-to-day business activity as expected from a Computer Aided Facilities Management System.   

The modules are tightly interconnected, allowing seamless information flow and providing transparency that enables ease of informed decision-making, thereby creating a truly Integrated Workplace Management System.   


FMPro. Flexibile & Compatible

Facility managers can derive significant benefits from employing mobile CAFM systems on smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, and other portable devices.

The utilization of these mobile systems provides tremendous advantages in enhancing their efficiency and productivity.

This makes it easier for facility managers to stay systematized and ready for any situation. Portable CAFM systems can be a valuable tool for facility managers looking to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

FMPro addresses FM challenges by combining a comprehensive database to store asset and operating data with powerful tools to track, retrieve, analyze and report on all aspects of working life within a facility or portfolio of facilities.

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