FMPro CAFM System

Document Management and Control

The Document management and control module of FMPro CAFM system provides an in-house location for uploading and reviewing documents. 

The said function warrants competent management of important documents that are attached or to be attached within the application. 

This can include, SOPs, User Manuals, Operating Manuals as well as drawings, evidence and project based operational minutes of meeting documents.  

Utilizing the Document Manager functionality in the FMPro CAFM system, a document repository will be created to which all documents will be uploaded.   


  • Unlimited document storage capacity due to the flexible cloud storage features   
  • Intelligent organization following the hierarchy of classification and categorization of document as well as the smart document tagging, criticality rating and the robust search options.   
  • Universal format support, as the module is constantly updated to keep up with the evolving technologies. It allows for all types of formats to be stored and viewed within the module including pdf, xls, docx, ppt, jpeg, gif, mp4, mp3, dwg, and dwt.     


  • Inputting files through the following sources: scanner, email, manual upload, bulk upload, automated process for mass uploading, mobile applications and web services   
  • Documents version control and visibility control through the international CRE and ADA permission management function.  
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